Be a Financial Shepherd

NC currently has a growing number of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) arriving daily (currently 2,000 UACs and climbing) who have traveled here alone from other countries and have no legal status.  Due to current immigration laws these children are required to be given due process before this issue can be resolved.  Many of these children must appear without representation because they lack understanding of the immigration legal system and/or the financial means to acquire legal assistance.  This represents a substantial burden to the legal system, and if this need continues to remain unaddressed many of these children will fall through the cracks and potentially create a substantial burden to the community and the immigration court system.

Because of CIR's expertise, we have developed the Shepherd Project© to be equipped and ready to respond to the legal, emotional and financial needs created by the presence of these unaccompanied children at our borders and now in our communities.  These children should be exposed to the heart of Christian love during their time in America.  

With a Financial Shepherd support we will:

  • Empower a network of Pro-Bono lawyers who are willing to respond to this need but are hindered by the substantial preparation these cases require, as well as, the cultural and language barriers involved.

  • Accelerate the legal process, and therefore the ultimate resolution of this issue, with a properly adjudicated case that ensures due process and supports the rule of law.

  • Increase the capacity and effectiveness of the pro bono legal process by mitigating the already crippling backlog on the immigration legal system. These children should be exposed to the heart of Christian love during their time in America.

  • Reduce the potential for these children to drop out of the process before a legal resolution is achieved.  Additionally it will alleviate some of the strain on the  already overburdened immigration court system.

  • Ensure that  due process is upheld.

At a cost per child of $2,700 this means that every $1 of support donated will result in more than  $3 of economic value mobilized to address this issue.  This represents a social return on investment of over  200%.  Empowering our system to respond to this crisis in an expedient and efficient way is better for everyone involved:  the children, attorneys willing to donate pro bono support, the immigration courts and the community at large.  If you help the poor, you are lending to the LORD--and he will repay you! (Prov 19:17) 

God Calls Each Of Us To Love The Immigrant     

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