Feliz Navidad!

Spread Christmas cheer!

Make others feel special!

Share the joy of Jesus' birth!

Celebrate with us on December 18 and 19 at the CIR Toys for Tots Event.

After Christmas we are working with certain partners to follow up on needs expressed by these families. This is a great time to share the love of God with immigrants in our community!


Please join us.            


Resolutions with Meaning


It is an incredible success in the movement to spread God's love for immigrants: The Baptist State Convention of NC on November 3 passed a resolution in its annual state convention. CIR was instrumental in encouraging and supporting the drafting of the resolution, which recognizes the church's need for loving the immigrant as God does and encourages churces to reach out in God's love in an appropriate way to immigrants around them.

View an online copy of the resolution.

We at CIR hope to be encouragers to many others as they come to understand how great God's love is for those among us who are different in national origin, language and customs. There are many praying for great things to happen through measures like this resolution.
One friend of CIR compared it to the recent passage of anti-immigrant legislation. In his estimation the Baptist resolution calls for a very different treatment of immigrants than the new state law. He said,

"Again we get to tell a different story. I am praying for you as you continue on in your work."

"Mujer"--a Great Success


Over 100 in total attendance. More than 10 women responded to a survey, expressing that this was the most focused event they'd ever been to. So many others literally said that they felt very special as a woman and felt valued and were encouraged to reach their goals and try hard to succeed.  Read more about Mujer here.


  Enjoy this video of the event!                 Many Pics to see!  



We are very thankful for our event sponsors!