Unaccompanied Alien Children - MYTHS VS. FACTS - 
The truth may surprise you.*

*US Department of Human Services, Unaccompanied Alien Children Program
MYTH Border crossings are up.
FACT Border crossings fell 75% between 2000 and 2013 - from 1.68 million to around

MYTH These children are just looking for an easy way to come to America.
FACT This is not an easy way to come to the US. Endemic poverty, gang activity, and organized criminal activity are pervasive in UAC origin countries and often lead parents and grandparents to seek protection for children by sending them to the US.

MYTH These children have diseases that they will spread to other children.
FACT When children enter the country, they are given all needed childhood vaccinations to protect against communicable diseases. Many of the children are from countries with higher vaccination rates than the US.  See more about Ebola

MYTH UACs are provided with court-appointed attorneys.
FACT Court-appointed attorneys are available for criminal court proceedings, but not in civil or immigration proceedings.

MYTH US tax dollars pay for the care of these children.
FACT Approximately two-thirds (65 %) of the children are reunified with a sponsor/guardian and do not receive assistance from the government. When unaccompanied children are released from detention facilities while awaiting adjudication, they are released to a family member or a sponsor. They are not released until their transportation is paid for either by themselves or their family or sponsor. About 20% of children are returned to their home country, either through a grant of voluntary departure or a removal order. 15% of the children have no one to care for them and are being cared for by agencies who have agreements with the Office of Refugee Resettlement.   More Myths...

There is a clear solution...
CIR's Shepherd Project© will allow many of these children access to both legal and emotional support which will:

• Speed up and facilitate the legal mechanism of the immigration system
• Keep these children on track to achieve swift resolution and due process in accord
with our laws
• Protect the lives of these children, reducing their risk for exploitation and human
• Expose these children to the heart of Christian love during their time in America. 


  • It is projected that approximately 60,000* Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) will arrive in the US in 2014.  
  • These children enter a required legal process to ajudicate their statuses.  Many remain trapped in the legal process for prolonged periods of time, creating inefficiency in the legal system and stressful uncertainty in the lives of these children.
  • The Shepherd Project coordinates the legal resources necessary to expedite the ajudication process. We seek volunteers willing to shepherd these children.


God Calls Each Of Us To Love The Immigrant     

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